Our mission

Bring financial power to people through the power of salary

Our manifesto

You work every single day but to be rewarded you have to wait a month.

We do not accept that.

It’s your money.
You shouldn’t ask for it.
You worked hard for it.
You’ve earned it.

We restore the symmetry
We are bringing salary back into your control.

And with it, your financial wellbeing.

Designed for responsible employers to empower responsible employees.


Symmetrical is a technology company that builds core infrastructure for fast, flexible and empowering payroll of the future

Releasing frozen compensation

330 billion euro / month of employees' compensation is withheld until pay day

Euro already frozen this month*

that we can release without any cost for employers

* average monthly pay * number of employees in EU. Source: Eurostat

Our founders

Piotr Smolen, CFA

CEO, Co-Founder

Daniel Wartolowski, CFA

COO, Co-Founder

Maciej Noga


Our team

Marcin Klimaszewski

Benefit Advisor

Tomasz Giergielewicz

Benefit Advisor

Piotr Porada

Business Development Manager

Tim Koch

VP Sales

Magdalena Kubiś

Head of Marketing

Patrycja Bystrzycka

Junior Marketing Manager

Bartosz Kapuściński

VP Legal

Agnieszka Tarasiewicz

Legal Intern

Dorota Górniak, PhD

VP Risk

Katarzyna Woźniak

Product Manager

Matylda Gerber, PhD

Behavioral Science Expert

Piotr Nazarewicz, CFA

VP Technology

Kacper Romanowski

Product Manager

Katarzyna Kostrubiec

Customer Support Manager

Tomasz Puton, PhD

Lead Engineer

Daniel Gwizdała

Lead Product Designer

Szymon Kwiatkowski

Backend Engineer

Joanna Lewandowska

Backend Engineer

Jakub Zięć

Backend Engineer

Jakub Strzałek

Backend Engineer

Jarosław Kornata

Backend Engineer

Jędrzej Modzelewski

Backend Engineer

Erwin Redzej

Backend Engineer

Dawid Skrzypczyński

Frontend Engineer

Łukasz Buczkowski

Frontend Engineer

Jakub Wnuk

Fullstack Engineer

Maciej Ferfecki

Analytics Engineer

Konrad Poręba

Test Automation Engineer

Wiktor Wachonin

Data and Risk Analysis Expert

Darlene Kijemba

Business Development Intern

Aman Ghei

Board Member

Benedikt Körling

Board Member

Finn Weise

Board Member

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