How Can Startups Survive A Recession [Actionable Tips + Expert Advice]

Economic slowdown is here. Startups are especially vulnerable with capital becoming scarce. Many companies have initiated layoffs and cost-cutting measures. Navigating the impact of Covid-19 and other world events is not easy. Focusing on sustainable growth and reducing costs is necessary, which puts many startup executives, CEO’s, CFO’s and HR Directors in a difficult position. … Continued

4 Payroll Outsourcing Pitfalls to Avoid

So you’ve made the decision to outsource your payroll. You’ve done the calculations and weighed your options. You’ve therefore decided that you’re ready to save time and money, reduce administrative tasks, and lower the risk of costly penalties. But beware – even though the need to outsource payroll may be clear, and the benefits might … Continued

What to Look for in a Perfect Payroll Partner

You’ve decided to take a big step forward and outsource your payroll to an automated payroll services provider. But when you actually sit down to choose that provider, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed at the wide range of options available. How can you possibly know who will be the right fit? They all claim to … Continued