How Can Startups Survive A Recession [Actionable Tips + Expert Advice]

Economic slowdown is here. Startups are especially vulnerable with capital becoming scarce. Many companies have initiated layoffs and cost-cutting measures. Navigating the impact of Covid-19 and other world events is not easy. Focusing on sustainable growth and reducing costs is necessary, which puts many startup executives, CEO’s, CFO’s and HR Directors in a difficult position. … Continued

Top 5 Gig Economy Trends In 2023 [Key Employment Trends]

The gig economy (a.k.a. digital platform work / freelance economy) is growing rapidly. It’s transforming the world of work as we know it. More and more people are choosing flexible working patterns and lifestyles over 9-to-5 office jobs. This has many implications for businesses and employers, especially in the Great Layoffs time. Luckily, adapting to … Continued

Payroll Statistics 2023 [50+ Payroll Facts, Stats & Trends]

Payroll statistics 2023 will help you minimize payroll expenses, avoid errors, and boost employee satisfaction. You will better understand payroll trends and the real impact of payroll on your company. This article includes: The employment landscape is changing quickly. Thus, you must evolve with the times. What is NOT changing is the necessity to pay … Continued

How To Avoid The Biggest Payroll Errors [5 Practical Solutions]

How to avoid costly payroll errors? Payroll errors and mistakes are unfortunately common but fortunately preventable. The reality is that you can avoid most payroll errors. It may require extra vigilance and choosing smarter solutions, but you’ll save your precious time and money. Only 1 wrong digit in payroll calculation can result in disastrous consequences. … Continued

The 8 Biggest Payroll Errors Most Employers Make

In this article, you’ll learn about the 8 costly payroll errors most companies make.  Payroll mistakes lead to wasted time in HR and employee dissatisfaction. Only 1 wrong digit in payroll calculation can result in disastrous consequences. There’s more. Payroll mistakes negatively impact profitability, especially during the Great Resignation and the economic recession when finding, … Continued

4 Payroll Outsourcing Pitfalls to Avoid

So you’ve made the decision to outsource your payroll. You’ve done the calculations and weighed your options. You’ve therefore decided that you’re ready to save time and money, reduce administrative tasks, and lower the risk of costly penalties. But beware – even though the need to outsource payroll may be clear, and the benefits might … Continued

Transparent Payroll Keeps Employees Loyal: Here’s How

Your employees are your most valuable asset. No matter what their job title, an employee should feel that their organization wants the best for them. If they do, they overwhelmingly tend to go the extra mile and, more importantly, not look for another job.  It’s becoming increasingly clear that the key to keeping employees loyal … Continued