HR For Startups & Modern Companies: All You Need To Know

Launching a startup or running a growing company is no easy task, especially in the current economic recession. Implementing modern HR processes can be overwhelming, too. But here’s the thing: This article will help you align your people strategy with business goals. You’ll learn about: Engage your employees successfully throughout the whole year with our … Continued

HR Checklist For Startups & Modern Companies [Key Action Points]

This practical HR Checklist will help startups and modern companies build HR strategy that fully supports business growth. The checklist includes detailed sections, essential questions, and action points for HR professionals and founders/CEOs to help them build effective people processes and company teams. Use this HR Checklist to reach your business growth goals quicker: And … Continued

Do startups need HR? [3 myths about startup HR explained]

Do startups need HR? And what for exactly? There are many misconceptions and myths about HR in startups. As of 2023, 65% of startups have no dedicated HR support, primarily due to limited resources. This contrasts with Fortune 100 enterprises, where HR is a standard department for 100% of top companies. In this article, you’ll … Continued