Payroll Statistics 2023 & Beyond [50+ Payroll Facts, Stats & Trends]

Payroll statistics 2023 will help you minimize payroll expenses, avoid errors, and boost employee satisfaction. You will better understand payroll trends and the real impact of payroll on your company. This article includes: The employment landscape is changing quickly. Thus, you must evolve with the times. What is NOT changing is the necessity to pay … Continued

8 Costly Payroll Errors And How To Avoid Them [FREE Guide & Payroll Checklist]

Payroll errors negatively impact profitability and lead to wasted time in HR and employee dissatisfaction. Payroll errors are unfortunately common – especially in startups – but fortunately preventable.  The good news is you can avoid most payroll mistakes and errors. Our practical 15-point payroll performance checklist will help you identify areas for improvement. Download our … Continued

One-Second Miracle Payroll Solution Becomes Reality

It’s official. You can now run your payroll within seconds, by literally snapping your fingers! That’s right, all you need to do is look at your computer screen, snap your fingers, and everybody gets paid correctly and on time.  Yes, it’s that simple. But how the h*** is it possible? You may ask. Here’s how. Read … Continued

How Can HR Technology Improve Employee Engagement & Retention?

HR technology can effectively improve employee engagement and retention. Employee engagement is a top priority for businesses and HR departments in: It costs between $61,000 and $80,000 to replace every employee who leaves. Thus, it pays to keep your employees engaged, so they’re reluctant to leave. In this article you’ll learn about: Download this printable … Continued

How To Avoid The Biggest Payroll Errors [5 Practical Solutions]

How to avoid costly payroll errors? Payroll errors and mistakes are unfortunately common but fortunately preventable. The reality is that you can avoid most payroll errors. It may require extra vigilance and choosing smarter solutions, but you’ll save your precious time and money. Only 1 wrong digit in payroll calculation can result in disastrous consequences. … Continued