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Integrate all your Payroll in one platform

for streamlined scheduling of your meetings

Symmetrical offers API-first onboarding and payroll that run your processes automatically. We take care of your time and integrate our system with automated scheduling tool for high-speed arranging of interactions with your candidates.

Automate scheduling of onboarding-related meetings

Quick integration

Gain system integration without involving your company's resources.


Automatic scheduling, re-scheduling and reminders to right-size meeting arrangements.


Notifications on meetings embedded into communications systems.

Integration with Calendly


Select candidate in your onboarding dashboard


Send an invitation for a meeting via Calendly


Get automatic response on the date through communication systems


Reschedule a meeting at a click, if needed


Onboard your employees with Symmetrical and allow for efficient and headless way for scheduling all process-related meetings to have full control of the timing. Link onboarding tasks to be executed via Calendly-set meetings!

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Automate your payroll with Symmetrical and reach out for salary advances for your employees.

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100% security for your business

Instantly and effortlessly integrate all of your HR systems

Implement easily without involving the resources of your company

Streamline and automate your HR and payroll to save money

Processing of the employee data in accordance with the GDPR is our utmost care

Symmetrical is an award winning HR&payroll solution

We guard your data like it's our own!

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