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100,0% of your users offered with the right credit in real-time, when they need it! Built on credit-as-a-code architecture.

Imagine credit in the clouds ...

Meet credit on rails! We designed and shipped cloud computing – like layer of abstraction for credit products. It is flexible, programmable and API-first, you will love it! We allow our Partners to instantly deliver the right credit to their clients and employees creating the tailored experience within their user interface. We enable Institutional Investors to slash client acquisition costs and provide financing directly to the end-users at a scale.

For Partners

We enable you to embed lending capabilities directly in your conversion flow, web or mobile app. Become a financial institution in few days!

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For Investors

We drive client acquisition cost to the minimum and allow investing in credit products through both primary and secondary markets.

How it works

Institution-centric process of buying financial services

Inefficient, time consuming, client is a clear loser



Money providers get customers without any sales&marketing costs, financial products are sold in a completely automated way.

Symmetrical Platform matches money demand and supply with minimal costs, the financial products are standardised and without hidden fees.

Partners can monetize their user base without losing control over users and their experience.

Users provide their data to be offered with cheap and ethical financial products.

Platform-centric process of buying financial products

Efficient, real-time, clients, partners and investors are the winners


Instant integration

Start lending faster by leveraging our white label API, using just a few lines of javascript code.

Real-time pricing

Symmetrical delivers real-time pricing for credit. Every product includes a clear guaranteed payout.

Open door

Never again reject a customer, Symmetrical platform connect any risk profile to adequate risk taker.

Service creator

Design your own credit products with a flexible creator, offer them to your customers and employees.

Automated compliance

Your products and services are sold in full compliance with your regulatory and brand safety requirements.


Become a financial institution without taking any financial risk.

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Every financial product translates into an atomic security which is divisible and easily transferable.

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Data sets

Get free access to credit history of the market to calibrate your models.

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Risk control

Use programmatic tools to manage your portfolio top-down, from the perspective of asset allocation into the details of a single atomic security.

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Built-in servicing

All the operational side of financial product servicing is outsourced to Symmetrical.

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Customised securities

Create custom securities based on risk, duration, target customers and product parameters.

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Instant liquidity

Symmetrical creates secondary market for quick portfolio rebalancing.

Financial Products

Any Financial Product your customer needs, delivered in real-time when he needs it

Personal Loans

Symmetrical delivers personal loans for a complete range of purposes, including consumption, weddings, home improvement, medical emergencies and more. Funds from 100 EUR to 100,000 EUR, APR ranges from 1.99% to 39.99% (based on creditworthiness), terms from 1-84 months, money as soon as the same business day.


We kill the interest rates and translate them into 6, 12 or 24 monthly instalments ranging from 25 to 2500 EUR per month, we help with increasing purchase power of your clients, delivering money as soon as the same business day.

Client Acquisition

Built-in Omnichannel Customer Acquisition interfaces


White-labeled embeddable widgets, native integrations to provide instant functionality for financial services integrated directly within your conversion flow.

Web / Mobile App

Customised web supermarket or mobile app with financial products for your employees, suppliers, partners and customers.