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Comprehensive salary benefits platform for employees

It gives your employees visibility into their earnings, access to pay when they need it, and the power to plan for the future. All long before payday.

Symmetrical is a new employee benefit that operates at the intersection between salary and benefits

Salary on Demand

More flexibility & transparency

Take your employee’s salaries to the next level! Let them track it in real-time and access a part of what they’ve already earned right when they need it. Without overwhelming your payroll team.

Financial Education

More confidence in the finances

Support your employees in building financial backup. Education module in Symmetrical app helps your people build financial back up by making a conscious financial decision and building effective saving strategies.

Employee Limit

More financial power

Help your employees reach their goals and manage emergencies with a fair and transparent way to get extra funds. With easy repayments from future salaries and zero effort from the employer’s side, you can help your employees get peace of mind and more financial comfort.

Salary Vault

More financial resilience

Our soon to come, the brand new tool will help your employees build financial resilience and long term confidence. This engaging and motivating tool will let them get the most of their salaries to grow their savings and strengthen their financial security.

Make friends with your employees!



Higher job satisfaction

Financial flexibility means less stress and a greater motivation to work. Therefore, employees highly recommend using Symmetrical application.



Lower employee turnover

Providing your employees financial comfort meaningfully support loyalty. They befriend your company for longer.



Better employer branding

Supporting your team is the way to build unique employer branding. With Symmetrical you are helping not only your employees but also their families.

Simple pricing model

Users can access their salary for free.
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EUR subscription

app user / month

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We care about security

Security and data protection is of the utmost importance for us. We work with financial institutions and comply with high standards. We believe in the fundamental right to privacy.

That is why we keep your data safe and never sell it to third-parties.

We are GDPR compliant

We guard your data like it's our own

We have regular OWASP Application security audits

We use ISO 27000 compatible solutions

We run information security awareness trainings for all staff

Tools and partnerships to do more with Symmetrical

Connect your payroll system with the Symmetrical app to save time and offer more to your employees with salary benefits.

We provide smooth integration with:

For everyone

If you want to provide employees with salary benefits, it doesn't matter if your team is permanent or temporary. Cooperate based on a B2B contract? Easily provide them financial comfort. And it may cost you nothing.

Risk free

At Symmetrical we take the security, privacy, and welfare of your data incredibly seriously. Moreover, we have implemented a number of tools to mitigate the operational risks associated with potential errors and frauds.

Results in 90 days

After using Symmetrical for three months, the employees' willingness to leave their employer drops significantly.

Available in Eurozone and Poland

Frequently Asked Questions

Symmetrical is available in two pricing models:
entirely financed by the employer,
co-financed by the employee and the employer.
Depending on the chosen financing model, the cost for the employer is between 1,5 EUR and 3 EUR per employee.

The implementation of the service is very simple and is supported at every stage by the Symmetrical team.
I. We organize a workshop where we collect the employer’s expectations and develop a service communication plan for employees
II. Our team configures the Symmetrica service so that the data on advance payments made by employees go directly to the employer’s HR and payroll system
III. We inform the organization that Symmetrical is now available to employees according to a previously developed plan.

Voila 🙂

During the presentation, we will show how the employee uses the Symmetrical application. We will also present how the system works from the employer’s perspective and present some simple activities managed by the HR and payroll department.

Each and every 🙂

The Symmetrical service is needed in organizations that make advance payments to employees for future salary or business expenses. It works perfectly in companies where the employee remuneration consists of a base, commission, or bonus, taking into account different rates of income tax.

Symmetrical is a service that will work well in any industry that employs employees:

Full-time and part-time, temporary and permanent staff
Both on the basis of an employment contract and civil law agreements
Blue collars and white-collars
Shift workers

Symmetrical is dedicated to organizations with more than 200 employees