Referral program

You can show others why it’s a great idea to be in Symmetrical and share your referral code which you’ll send them e.g. by SMS message. If a new user successfully registers on Symmetrical app and gives your referral code, both of you will get a bonus. Extra prizes will be granted for the largest number of referrals in your company. The first three people with the highest number of successful referrals will receive respectively 100 PLN, 70 PLN and 50 PLN.

Remember, downloading the application and registering in Symmetrical it’s free and gives you flexible access to your salary whenever you need it.

Your work colleagues, employees or assosiates (e.g. B2B contract) with your employer can use your referral code.

No, your referral code can be used by your colleagues from your employer only. However you can tell people outside the company who may be interested in our application about Symmetrical.

The bonus will be added to the amount available for withdrawal in the application. You can withdraw it in the same way you access salary on demand. Of course, the amount of the reward won’t lower your salary, it’s your additional bonus.