Salary on-demand

Salary on-demand is a service offered in partnership with your employer that gives you flexible access to your already earned salary.

Salary on-demand is not a credit. It’s a paycheck paid before standard payday, specified in your contract. At the end of a month, at the standard payday, you get the rest of your salary.

Employers can choose from two cost models. Salary-on-Demand can be entirely free to you or cost a small fee. In case there is a fee, you will see the amount in our application, when using Salary-on-Demand.

Specific terms of payouts and their sizes are determined by your employer. Usually, the payout size increases each day or after specific tasks.

Your employer can specify daily and monthly payout limits. They can specify the number of payouts and their size. Usually, there is also a minimum payout amount (most commonly 10EUR).

Money transfers are done as fast as possible. Average time spent waiting for money is several minutes. Because of different availability of banking services and money transfer systems, some transfers need one working day to reach your bank account.

Your last salary will be, as usually, reduced by the money you transferred early. If your new employer doesn’t work with Symmetrical, your application will no longer be active

No. Salary on-demand does not have an impact on your salary’s amount. Our service simply allows you to get access to your salary more often.

Yes, Salary on Demand has the same characteristics as your normal salary. On your earnings statement, you will see your total earnings, which are not impacted by the time of payout. Tax authorities will treat it just like a normal salary.

Symmetrical formulates the title of the bank transfers in a way that signals that they correspond to salary payments. There should not be any misunderstanding on the side of your bank