Empathic, fair and efficient financial care for your employees

Symmetrical.ai is a modern financial benefit that ensures equal and fair access to the already earned part of the salary for each employee with one click

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See how symmetrical.ai revolutionises the way people are paid

Make available the portion of the money already earned

Present instant access to salary calculation

Completely transform the way people are paid for

Teach how to make better financial decisions

Give financial safety and flexibility

Set up safe limits of money transfer

Give your team wonderful motivation at work and they will do wonderful things at your company.

Key benefits for your business thanks to symmetrical.ai

Boost loyalty and engagement of your employees

Align with cashflow of your company with zero financial risk

Support financial health of your teammates

Build image of trustworthy employer

Teach your employees how to make better financial decisions

Provide your employees motivating benefit for a few euros per user

Take care of financial wellbeing of your team providing them financial power!



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It takes few clicks to create a symmetrical account



Transfer of money takes less than 1 minute

What is the cost of financial stress for your organisation?


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are financially stressed


live from paycheck to paycheck


have problems with concentration during work because of financial situation


lower turnover costs a year


wasted a year because of lower productivity


total cost for your organisation

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