For Investors

Symmetrical enables efficient and liquid use of capital. Starting from simple credit with an option to transform it into a new asset class of microsecuritized financial products accessible at the origination and through secondary trading.

Investment Flow

Step 1

Define investment preferences

• Plugin your scoring engine to Symmetrical Platform or connect with existing scoring engine on the Platform
• Define target allocation and risk parameters
• Stress-test your risk engine on historical data

Step 2

Activate investment algorithm

• Start building the investment exposition via bot actively investing in single atomic securities 24/7/365
• You can be active on both primary (origination) and secondary markets

Step 3


• Anonymised order is quoted on the Symmetrical Exchange
• The order consists of enhanced data which enables calculation of risk and pricing
• Bid is sent in a programmatic way

Step 4


• There are 1+ winners of the bidding process
• The atomic security is divided between the winners of auction
• Cash required for financing the product is freezed on the investment account

Step 5


• User signs a contract for a financial product with Symmetrical Platform
• The contract is microsecuritised and translated into Atomic Security
• Atomic Security is transferred to investor’s balance sheet

Step 6


• User finds basic information about the financial service bought within his interface
• For complex issues he can contact Symmetrical Support via his interface
• Nonperforming Atomic Securities might be sold to the debt collection companies

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Every financial product translates into an atomic security which is divisible and easily transferable.
Data sets
Get free access to credit history of the market to calibrate your models.
Risk control
Use programmatic tools to manage your portfolio top-down, from the perspective of asset allocation into the details of a single atomic security.
Built-in servicing
All the operational side of financial product servicing is outsourced to Symmetrical.
Customised securities
Create custom securities based on risk, duration, target customers and product parameters.
Instant liquidity
Symmetrical creates secondary market for quick portfolio rebalancing.

For whom

Loan originators

Leverage scoring capabilities for automatic client acquisition without marketing and sales costs.


Expand the loan book, tap on international customer base, optimise client acquisition cost.

Insurance companies

Create customised, asset-liability matched investment instruments.

Mutual/Pension funds

Gain access to a wide range of asset classes internationally, invest in comply with investment guidelines.

Hedge Funds

Use programmatic engine to create alfa on credit risk.

Family Offices

Invest in a set of save instrument with diversification effects fot the whole portfolio.

Benefits for Investors

Completely new Asset Class logo
Completely new Asset Class

Symmetrical creates a new, alternative asset class which expands investment universe, providing new fundamental data and unmatched transparency level.

Advanced technology logo
Advanced technology

Our technology stack is based on blockchain protocols, microsecuritisation, Atomic Securities, real time bidding engine and AI-powered marketplace supervisor, providing cutting-edge suite for creating value.

Customised setup logo
Customised setup

Symmetrical microsecuritisation setup allows us to transform loans into Atomic Security – a flexible financial instrument that caters to the needs of each investor.

Cross-border investment opportunities logo
Cross-border investment opportunities

Symmetrical Platform is in line with EU capital markets initiatives by turning different kinds of loans originated across Europe into fungible and tradeable instruments.