Transform employee salaries into greatest benefits ever invented!

Symmetrical-backed salaries are flexible, real-time and empowering. Corporations use our salary benefits to improve staff retention, performance and build a great employer brand.


Symmetrical gives employees flexible access to their salaries!

The Symmetrical application allows your employees instant pay out part of the money they have already earned, keeping them financially secure and safe. Funds are available within a minute, without unnecessary formalities and high interest rates.

Easy-to-use mobile app

Only a few steps to the payment of wages

Instant transfer of funds to your account

Up-to-date information on the amount of earned remuneration

Salary benefits help your company by helping your employees

Offering salary benefits shown to positively impact organisations’ biggest pain points: worker productivity, employer brand, retention, and absenteeism.


Highly engaged

I love working here and inspire others to do their best



I am a vital part of the business. I feel important at work


Almost engaged

I'm almost engaged but there are times where I'm not

Security & Stability

Not engaged

I would like to earn more hence I am already looking for additional opportunities.



I am here for the money and leave early if I can

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Increase company loyalty

With Symmetrical, you can keep employees in your company more efficiently. Already at very low monthly costs (at the level of a euro), our salary benefit reduces the turnover in selected sectors by an average of 70%. This means that 3 out of 4 employees will stay with you for longer!

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Effectively motivate employees

Benefits as additional gratification motivate only after achieving a satisfactory level of remuneration. Even 70% of Poles earn below this level. Flexible salary gives the salary additional incentive power. Because it's available just when it is needed!

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Save time and money

After introducing Symmetrical in your company, we will handle the benefit. Your employees will order earlier salary payments on their own, and will also gain access to constantly updated information about the amount of already earned salary. Your HR department will be able to carry out its tasks more efficiently and effectively.

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100% security for your business

Quick and easy integration with payroll systems

Simple implementation without involving your company's resources

No financial risk for the employer

Data processing in accordance with the GDPR

Symmetrical is an entity licensed by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority

Using the service does not affect the settlement of VAT and PIT

Employees choose Symmetrical

    Michał (31), works in a production company:

    If you have any uncontrolled expense it's a cool thing because you can benefit with your money earlier and you get it immediately on your account.

    Adam (29), works in new technology industry:

    Earlier, in order to get an advance payment, you had to write e-mails to the accounting department, etc. and there was no guarantee of time when they would reply. Such an application can make your life easier if you use it rationally.

    Katarzyna (25), works in HR outsourcing services:

    When I found out about the application, I stopped borrowing from my parents, I rather want to solve it myself.

    Piotr (29), works in hospitality industry:

    I'm very satisfied because every day I can have the money right at the end of the workday. It's a much better deal than payday once a month.

    Sylwia (29), works in manufacturing industry:

    You don't owe anyone anything. It's like a safe wallet. You have money for emergencies there.

    Marek (42), works in new technologies industry:

    If you have such a cool employer, you can use it, it's tested and safe.

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