Why we exist

In our opinion, the development of the financial services market has definitely gone in the wrong direction for the last 20 years. Today, finding a tailored customer profile and a well-priced financial product is difficult and takes a lot of time. As a result, many people remain outside the banking market, and the rest overpay for most financial services.
To change this state, we decided to establish Symmetrical. Our mission is therefore to create a fair, transparent and effective sector infrastructure that will allow customers all over the world to access cheap and ethical financing, while allowing investors to effectively allocate capital, with virtually no transaction costs.
In our opinion, contrary to the prevailing in the financial industry view, financial products can not be diversified.

All types of assets available to individual clients (eg loans, mortgages, leasing, etc.) should be completely homogeneous, just as the goods available on store shelves are homogeneous, and the final choice of a given financial instrument should be decided by the client based on access to the full information.
Currenty this is not working that way due to the architecture of the sector, which builds value on information imbalances between market participants. We explain this diagnosis in detail in our manifesto:

Symmetrical Manifesto

Therefore, in our business we strive to transform the banking sector and the financial market, for the benefit of all sides of the market.