For Partners

Symmetrical allows better monetisation by connecting consumers to the right financial products in real-time. Become a financial institution within few days!

User Flow

Step 1

First Touch

• User within your interface decides to buy a financial service
• User consents and submits basic data to Symmetrical API

Step 2


• User immediately receives estimates about potential pricing of the product
• User receives a recommendation what further data can be added to decrease the pricing
• User submits a formal application to Symmetrical API through your interface

Step 3


• Symmetrical enhances and anonymise user data
• Symmetrical puts an ask order on the Platform
• Investors compete with each other to offer best risk-adjusted pricing for user

Step 4


• User receives best offer within your interface
• You control final pricing and your margin

Step 5


• User signs a contract for a financial product with Symmetrical Platform
• User is automatically onboarded

Step 6


• User finds basic information about the financial service bought within your interface
• For complex issues he can contact Symmetrical Support via your interface
• His product might be refinanced any time in the backend if there’s a better offer for him in the market

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For Partners
Get to market faster by leveraging our white label API, using just a few lines of javascript code.
Real-time pricing
Symmetrical provides partners with real-time pricing. Every product includes a clear guaranteed payout.
Open door
Never again reject a customer, Symmetrical platform connect any risk profile to adequate risk taker.
Service creator
Configure your own financial services with a flexible creator, offer them to your customers and employees.
Automated compliance
Your products and services are sold in full compliance with your regulatory and brand safety requirements.
Become a financial institution without taking any financial risk.

Use cases

Loan originators

You can use our platform for acquiring new clients and investors, but also sell part of your book to the investors to improve liquidity.
Why to use us:

• Cut sales, marketing and investor acquisition costs
• Get flexible, scalable and diversified funding sources
• Attract cross-border investors and improve liquidity
• Create and offer new products


Now you can become a financial institution within few days and freely design, create and deliver new financial products to your customer base, without any credit risk, in an asset-light way.

• Get efficient access to the capital market
• Introduce new services to your customer base
• Reduce growth limitations
• Servicing financial products is no longer a headache

Microfactoring companies

Symmetrical enables you to expand your financing capacity leading to an increase of fee generation while simultaneously attaining higher ROE via diversified funding sources.

Why to use us:

• Cut sales, marketing and investor acquisition costs
• Get efficient access to the capital market
• Attract cross-border investors
• Reduce growth limitations

Salary-linked financial benefits

We partner with employers to offer employees a range of salary-linked benefits designed to improve their financial wellbeing, save money, and borrow sensibly. Through a cost free solution.

• Offer cheap financial products (loans, credits) to your employees as a financial benefit
• Incentive employees to build in good financial habits
• Enhance their financial health as well as their productivity
• Help them feel stable and supported


Plug in innovative financial solutions within your conversion funnel, cross sell financial products or help your platform users to scale faster their businesses with cheap financing

• Lending as a part of conversion channel
• Financing as a VAS for your users
• Open door policy for your clients
• Create and offer new products

Reverse factoring solutions

Symmetrical delivers solution when the supplier expect quick settlement of liabilities and the company has to wait for a long time for payment for goods delivered.

• Better trade finance liquidity solution
• Negotiate better terms with your suppliers

Financial Products

Any Financial Product your customer needs, delivered in real-time when he needs it

Personal Loans

Symmetrical delivers personal loans for a complete range of purposes, including consumption, weddings, home improvement, medical emergencies and more. Funds from 100 EUR to 100,000 EUR, APR ranges from 1.99% to 39.99% (based on creditworthiness), terms from 1-84 months, money as soon as the same business day.


We kill the interest rates and translate them into 6, 12 or 24 monthly instalments ranging from 25 to 2500 EUR per month, we help with increasing purchase power of your clients, delivering money as soon as the same business day.

Client Acquisition

Built-in Omnichannel Customer Acquisition interfaces


White-labeled embeddable widgets, native integrations to provide instant functionality for financial services integrated directly within your conversion flow.

Web / Mobile App

Customised web / mobile supermarket with financial products for your employees, suppliers, partners and customers.