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Earned Wage Access.

The first earned wage access and salary payouts solutions you won't hate. Because you will bring back the economic well-being to your workforce in difficult times of inflation.

Releasing frozen compensation

330 billion euro / month of employees' compensation is withheld until pay day

Euro already frozen this month*

that we can release without any cost for employers

* average monthly pay * number of employees in EU. Source: Eurostat

Real-time salary access

A salary advance is a highly demanded perk in times of inflation that will allow you to stand out from your competitors. Give your employees full flexibility on when they want to be paid and allow them to access their earnings whenever they need them. Grow your business’s employee satisfaction and retention rate at zero cost for your business.

Up to 46%

Up to 46% lower turnover

* reported by our clients

Let your employees track their salaries and save time

Eliminate the majority of salary-related queries through interactive, digital payslip functionality. Your employees will be able to see all salary components at a glance.

Up to 48%

Most needed perk among all for 48% of your workforce

* reported by our clients

Automate salary payouts

Fully automate salary payouts at a lower cost than your bank’s. Without any hassle. Payday is no longer a bad day, as all payments flow automatically to your employees’ bank accounts.

Empower and motivate your people through real-time salary access, decrease churn and reduce costs.

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Symmetrical Money

EWA Platform



Subscription fee

User inteface for employee

Same app or web portal for payslips, time offs and earned wage access

Separate app

Payroll integration


Additional process



Focus on trying to upsell other financial products to your employees

Financial education

Basic financial education program

Advanced financial education features

How to launch Symmetrical Money?

You are not our client

If you don’t use our Payroll product, just contact us, provide us with a few details and agree a go-live date.

You are our client

Just tick-off Earned Wage Access, set payout parameters and observe your staff downloading the App and enjoying instant access to their wages. We will provide step-by-step guides for your employees on how to use the App and will be there always by your side to support them.

The first earned wage access product you won’t hate. Because there is no subscription fee .

Yes, you read it right. Improve your attractiveness as an employer, lure new workers and decrease their attrition rate thanks to the perk that is highly demanded by them at a single cost of a setup fee.

The first salary payout automation you won’t hate. Because we adjust to your needs of a complex employer.

When you have many employees on board, the complexity of payouts rises. Save hours or even days of work on generating payout files. Automate salary payouts for all your employees with just a few clicks.

The first salary finance software you won’t hate. Because your employees will stay with you for longer.

Get an advantage over your competitors and increase your Employee Lifetime Value in times of an economic downturn. Make your workforce stay with you for longer, thanks to transparency and flawless employee experience.

We integrate with any tools of your choice

Employee Data Flows
Payout Settlement Data Flows

Symmetrical Money

The first earned wage access and salary payout solution you won’t hate. Because by automation, you will become more human.

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Symmetrical is next generation, tech-first payroll outsourcing service. The benefits of our solution go far beyond only cost-saving and automation. Payroll management is easier and most importantly, allows you to not only optimize your internal HR, Finance or Operations processes but also results in better compliance, security, and correct and timely payouts on your employees’ accounts. If you are looking for ways how to automate your payroll, talk to us.