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Keeping the right balance between a company’s expenses, the desired pace of growth, and employee satisfaction is a challenge for any leader.

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Here are just a few emerging challenges that leaders need to deal with. How many of them do you face?

Rising costs of labour

Employment costs surge most ever. Compared with 2020, the labour costs measure jumped 4.5%, the most in more than two decades, according to Bloomberg.

Costly and unorganized processes and keeping up with digital technologies

Ineffective and numerous processes lead not only to frustration and inconsistency but also to burning the organisation’s money.

Economic downturn

Great leadership is never easy, but it is especially difficult to be a leader at an organization during uncertain economic times. Changing economic circumstances and thus, priorities between growth and recovery impact the leadership strategies and impose uptaking new approaches.

The new era of employee engagement

Competing for employees and managing increasing employee turnover is a challenge that is only going to grow. Having economic circumstances in mind, employees are more demanding when it comes to flexible access to their pay and being sure, that it’s well accounted for.

We know it by heart, as we are helping our clients to fix those challenges every day.

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