We offer payroll-as-a-service API that lets you become a payroll
provider or even an employer of record in days, not years.

One API to deliver four powerful features

Run payroll

Run payroll within your software.

Read payroll

Scalably access payroll data.

Instant salary access

Salary advances for employees and financial wellbeing tools in white label.

Programmatic employement

API-only employer of record.

For whom

HCM System

Payroll is the only missing part of your solution.

Gig Platform

Tech-first payroll built into your backend for all geographies.

Vertical SaaS

Increase stickiness and offer your clients a full stack service.

Job Marketplace

Transform one-off job post fee into recurring revenues.

TNA System

You have all the data required for payroll. Monetise it!

ERP Provider

Payroll is the only local component of your stack. Unify it.

SME Banking

Deliver an unique solution for SMEs built into your platform.

ATS System

Transform one-off matching fee into recurring revenues.


Unlock a new, recurring revenue stream

Dramatically increase lock-in

Offer better, fully integrated experience

We are already on production



(chosen states)



… and we will have full EU coverage in the next 2 years

Built for developers

  • Sandbox Environment

  • Real time

  • Webhooks and white label components

  • Mobile SDK

"/payroll/{payroll_id}/calculation/{calculation_id}/payslip": { "parameters": [ { "schema": { "type": "string", "format": "uuid" }, "name": "payroll_id", "in": "path", "required": true, "description": "Payroll Id" }, ], "get": { "summary": "Retrieve payslips in payroll calculation", "tags": [ "Payroll" ], "responses": { "200": { "description": "OK", "content": { "application/json": { "schema": { "type": "array", "items": { "$ref": "#/components/schemas/PaySlip" } } } } } }, "description": "Retrieve payslips." }