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Integrate all your payroll in one platform

can automate your payroll!

We offer API-first payroll services that run your payroll automatically. Connect Symmetrical with your systems and experience digital and paperless onboarding seamlessly integrated with payroll process.

Discover seamless onboarding of employees and instant payroll

Quick integration

Gain system integration without involving your company's resources.

Data sync

No more spreadsheets or calculations! Keep all your data in one online and secure place.


Real-time view of onboarding status

Up-to-date access to onboarding status across your organization.

Contract automation

Automate the signing of contracts with new employees.

Facilitation while verifying documents

Simplify the document collection and reach automated display of the document verification status.


Pay salary to employees in one click.

Integration with Recruitee


Populate Symmetrical platform with data from your ATS


Send contracts to your new employees


Gain access into document verification status


New employees data is sent automatically to the Symmetrical payroll system


Symmetrical platform takes care of payroll and settles employees' salaries


Route your first-choice candidate data into Symmetrical to convert onboarding to a speedy, paperless and fully digital experience. We ease the document verification process so that you can focus on how to welcome your new hire. Stream HR/payroll data into the system and enjoy access to company-wide info on your personnel. Team at a glance!

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Salary advances for employees & programmatic salary deductions/payments API. Change direct debit and automate payments directly from the salary.

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100% security for your business

Instantly and effortlessly integrate all of your HR systems

Implement easily without involving the resources of your company

Streamline and automate your HR and payroll to save money

Processing of the employee data in accordance with the GDPR is our utmost care

Symmetrical is an award winning HR&payroll solution

We guard your data like it's our own!

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