Designed for flexibility helps companies hire and pay people at scale through smart, fast, and incredibly flexible headless payroll technology™ bundled with human service - globally.

Integrate them all

Use modern API to connect us with your time&attendance, HRIS, FP&A and other systems for full automation.

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Dashboard and mobile app

Manage your employees with ease through fully customisable web dashboard and white-label mobile app.

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Our Solution

Automated Payroll Services

Payroll Data Aggregation

Employee Onboarding

Employee Management

Salary On-Demand

Employer of Record

Save massive amounts of money and time on payroll

Build a great employee experience to bring new candidates

Easily integrate payroll with all of your systems for full automation

Use Cases

Build the future of payroll

Gig Platforms

Scalable and affordable payroll process across multiple geographies that helps you build a better worker experience.

Agencies / Umbrella Market

Dynamic payroll process and onboarding, real-time salary payouts for the flexible workforce.

Frontline Workers

Smart, fast, flexible payroll and onboarding for high-volume employers.

Sales Commissions

Connect CRM/data sources to show and settle commissions in real-time for your salesforce.


Ensure one payroll standard, same employee experience, and benefits across your franchises.

HR Platforms

Payroll and employment services will help you double their revenues and reduce 80% of churn.

Vertical SaaS

You integrate a whole host of tailored workflows for your clients but not payroll. It is time to change it!

Global Employment Platforms

Leverage scalable, API first, low-cost payroll & employment infrastructure to deliver global services to your clients.

ERP & Payroll Systems

Cut down on hyper-local payroll complexity and build your own integrated payroll feature on our rails.

Fintech & Accounting Platforms

Embed modern payroll services in your SME platform for better stickiness and monetization.

Crypto Payroll

Compliant payroll for DAO contributors, fully compatible with both TradFi and DeFi stacks.

Just imagine how many opportuntites we can create for you!