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We can help you hire and pay people at high volume and at any level of complexity. Locally and globally. Our smart, fast, and flexible headless payroll technology™, bundled with a human-faced team and expertise will help you cut costs on your current market or enter any market in 3-6 months.

Symmetrical Payroll

Automated payroll service.

Run your payroll without pain, on auto-pilot. Process all payroll data in one system and cut costs on payroll operations. Automatically calculate gross to net, no matter which type of contract your employees are hired with. Download ready for payout files.

Symmetrical Hire

High volume hiring.

Exceed your hiring goals with a tailor-made, automatic process. Get rid of the chaos in spreadsheets and third-party apps. Keep up-to-date profiles of your candidates in one place. Enjoy an easy hiring flow, fully customized to your needs.

Symmetrical People

HRIS Lite.

Keep your people's data in one place. Take care of the core of your business - people. Have an ultimate database that stores all employees’ data, and automates all workflows and people processes.

Symmetrical Money

Earned Wage Access.

Make your employees stay for longer. Pay salaries on demand to improve employee acquisition, performance and retention.

See how we made Getir's payroll life easier

We decided to go with Symmetrical because the solution to payroll, although not perfect, because you will never get the perfect payroll, was just a lot smoother than what we had traditionally used before. We needed someone who can grow with us and Symmetrical was doing exactly that, working really well with data. They are very fluid in how they work and how they give that information back and communicate with us.

Rebecca Boafo-Brewu
Senior Payroll Operations Associate at Getir
See full Getir's testimonial:

Switching to Symmetrical put an end to chaos and revolutionized the way we do payroll. Our payroll is now settled on time, and the details and data are open and accessible to everyone involved. And because our employees no longer have to focus on the payroll processes that we used to run, we were able to move them to other business areas where they were more urgently needed.

Tomasz Palma
CEO at Cotel

We always had the feeling that what we offered our employees wasn’t quite enough, that perhaps we needed to be more flexible. Then we found Symmetrical Money, an easy-to-use solution. It allowed our employees to access their salaries on a regular basis, verify their earnings and provided many other benefits. Thanks to Symmetrical, we can safely say that POS Group is a state-of-the-art company when it comes to payroll.

POS Group logo
Marek Jadachowski
CEO at POS Group

How Symmetrical can help you ?

HR Director

and HR Executives

Optimize all HR processes and cut costs on operations. Run payroll automatically, hire at scale, whilst maintaining compliance. Keep all your employees' and candidates' data in one place. Receive ready payout lists for the period requested (weekly and monthly).

Chief Financial Officer

and Finance Executives

Speed up financial management and reduce costs in times of economic downturn. Automate HR processes and improve the company’s financial results by decreasing the expenses on running payroll. Get access to automatic, complete insights about the people-related costs, no matter what type of employment of your employees/contractors.

Chief Operations Officer

and Operations Executives

Fully automate payroll, hiring and people processes to optimize time/cost-efficiency. Lower employee turnover by payouts always on time and automatic, fully transparent payslips. Speed up the company's growth thanks to a stable and satisfied workforce.


and high-level managers

Solve your company's hiring and payroll issues in times of economic downturn. Facilitate the stable intake of frontline workers while reducing costs on people-related operations such as running payroll or hiring. Move the candidates down the pipeline, straight to signing the contract and keep the budget under control.

Business cases

Gig economy

Payroll, hiring and people management in fast-growing, and dynamic companies can be overwhelming. We get this sorted. Just connect your backend & IT systems with us to see the magic.

Frontline workers

Hiring and paying frontline workers is in constant chaos. High employee turnover and running payroll for hourly employees can be unbearable with traditional payroll services. Our technology will help you automate, scale and cut costs.

Staffing agencies

Competing to hire frontline workers is overwhelming. Put your payroll and hiring on autopilot, automate to cut costs and pay your workers in real-time. Gain competitive advantage and become the most attractive employer for the workforce from day 0.


Give your franchisees a scalable and cost-efficient process to help them hire new employees faster. Enable payroll automation to cut costs on payroll processes and to ensure that everyone is paid on time. Make sure that your franchisees are compliant with all your HR&Payroll standards.

Whitelabel payroll software

Embed payroll capability in your B2B platform to deliver global payroll to your existing SME clients in a turnkey solution. Build a more coherent client experience, get a new revenue stream and double the stickiness of your product.

Joint-employment (UK)

Hire your workforce on a joint employment basis between Symmetrical and the recruitment agency. Put an end to the complexity of traditional umbrella payslip, reduce your costs and provide your people with a simple payslip, as easy as pie.

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Symmetrical is next generation, tech-first payroll outsourcing service. The benefits of cloud-based payroll software go far beyond only cost-saving and automation. Payroll management is easier and most importantly, allows you to not only optimize your internal HR, Finance or Operations processes but also results in better compliance, security, and correct and timely payouts on your employees’ accounts. If you are looking for ways how to automate your payroll, talk to us.