Designed for developers

We offer payroll-as-a-service API that lets you become a payroll provider or even an employer of record for your business clients in days, not years. Globally.

Powerful Rails for payroll

Integrate with us to run payroll, access payroll data, route payroll cash flows and programmatically hire people. All in your platform.

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Prebuilt frontend objects

Use our prebuilt frontend objects to speed up go to market and serve your clients faster.

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Our Solution

Payroll Automation

Expenses & Benefits

Pensions and Auto-Enrolment

Accounting Integration

Unlock a new, recurring revenue stream

Dramatically increase lock-in

Offer better, fully integrated experience

Use Cases

Build the future of payroll

Gig Platforms

Scalable and affordable payroll process across multiple geographies that helps you build better driver experience

Global Employment Platforms

Leverage scalable, API first, low-cost payroll & employment infrastructure to deliver global services to your clients.

Hiring Platforms

Plug employer of record service directly into hiring funnel to easily generate new MRRs

HR Platforms

Payroll and employment services will help you double their revenues and reduce 80% of churn

ERP & Payroll Systems

Cut down on hyper-local payroll complexity management spend, become more scalable internationally.

Vertical SaaS

You integrate a whole host of tailored workflows for your clients but not payroll. It is time to change it!

Fintech & Accounting Platforms

Embed modern payroll services in your SME banking platform and build financial services for your SME client's employees

Just imagine how many opportuntites we can create for you!